Rupe Helmer Group Sponsors Commercial Construction Superintendent and Professional Bass Angler

Henry David Thoreau once said, “Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” Jeff Dobson would agree and disagree with that statement. For him, it’s about catching the fish, but it’s also part of who he is. Some of Jeff’s earliest and fondest memories include a fishing pole in his hand, sitting alongside his mother and grandfather, waiting for the fish to nibble. Growing up, Jeff dreamed of one day being a professional fisherman. He began entering tournaments around the age of 19, and he knew immediately he wanted to turn his hobby into something more. As it turns out, Jeff was good at his hobby, but his dreams of being a professional angler were soon replaced with the joy and pride of being a husband and father. As is often the case with childhood dreams, Jeff put his plans on hold to pursue a career path that would provide for his young family. That path eventually led him to his current position as a Commercial Construction Superintendent with Tulsa-based, Rupe Helmer Group.

Though Dobson found satisfaction in his work in commercial construction, he never lost sight of his original aspiration to be a tournament fisherman. “I’ve dreamed about achieving this my whole life. I’ve just never been able to put myself in a position to make it a reality, until recently,” says Dobson. Jeff approached his wife and daughter, three years ago, about his desire to pursue his dream once again, and they gave their blessing. Tournament fishing often means weekends away from family, so it was important to Jeff that his wife and daughter be on board with his decision. Once he had his family’s support, he knew that there were two more people he needed to talk with before he could fully pursue his aspirations. John Rupe, Jr., and Mark Helmer, CEO and President, respectively, of Rupe Helmer Group, were immediately on board with Jeff’s plans, so much so that they recently decided to become one of Jeff’s sponsors in his tournament endeavors.

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Left to Right: John Rupe, Jr. Jeff Dobson, Mark Helmer

The leadership at Rupe Helmer Group strives to ensure their team members have balance between work and home life, and Jeff can attest to that commitment. “When I started looking to further my career, I was extremely picky as to whom I was going to work for. The entire company thrives on a work life balance, and I am so thankful to the company for allowing me the time off to pursue this obsession of mine.”

Dobson’s obsession has proven to be lucrative one, with over $113,000 in career earnings from various tournaments. Dobson has earned several accomplishments, including a spot on the American Bass Anglers Fishing Tour, 2012 Angler of the Year, 2nd place in the 2012 National Championship and 3rd place in the ABA Ram Series at Fort Gibson Lake, and most recently, he qualified for the 2017 FLW Tour in 3rd place in the Southwest Costa Division.

With the support of his wife and daughter, as well as his sponsorship and support from Rupe Helmer Group, Dobson hopes to be crowned Rookie of the Year and qualify for the FLW Cup. Jeff approaches every tournament with what he calls the “nobody remembers second,” attitude. He jokingly adds, “It doesn’t always work out, but again, that’s what it’s all about.”

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