Our Company

Rupe Helmer Group has been a leader in construction, development, brokerage and property management in Oklahoma since 2002. We pride ourselves on the fact that our organization partners with clients to deliver a seamless experience. Through dedication to our core values and mission, we are able to deliver innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Over the last 14 plus years, Rupe Helmer Group has built a reputation of trust and respect through our diverse offering of services. It is of the utmost importance to our entire organization to foster positive client relationships.

Our team works diligently with architects, business owners, and subcontractors to produce real estate projects that are on time, on budget, and on point with client vision. And, with the use of the latest technology, we are able to seamlessly move projects forward while controlling costs, saving time, and maximizing quality results.

Our services range from commercial site development, construction, design, expert brokerage teams, property management and tenant relations, and much more. No matter the size or scope of the project, the Rupe Helmer Group can deliver the most innovative building techniques and real estate strategies for your vision.

Formerly known as the Rupe Building Company, our continued growth and transformation led us to where we are today—a leader in the development, commercial construction, and real estate community.

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As an organization, everyone at the Rupe Helmer Group understands the importance of giving back. From leadership to team members, we work together to do what we can, where we can, for our local community. And, it has a two-fold effect on our culture. You see, we believe that an organization who gives and plays together, stays together. It’s just part of who we are.

Our contributions are evident in the many civic, educational and charitable causes we support. And, our affiliations with a wide range of professional organizations provide many opportunities to access leadership in various fields.

We take community involvement and leadership very seriously and will continue to evolve as community leaders.